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‘Mortal Kombat X (Mobile)’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

And hey, take on the Raiden Challenges. Beating them gifts you with Gold characters. These daily events usually beating a single or numerous bronze, silver or gold tier teams. Mortal Kombat X Mobile game unlocks exclusive costumes on your console version.

You may have noticed that Faction Wars is also available on mobile devices, which is a cool meta-game. Special unlocks come from successfully participating in Faction Wars. We have a hunch that the two costumes posted above are just a few of those related unlocks. Farmer Jax and Ninja Mime Johnny Cage are two of the special outfits that can be unlocked on the mobile version for the console version. Now it's all clear which kards are worth max fusing, and which are not.

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6. Bronze Tier Characters are Only Good for the Starting Portions of the Game

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MKX Mobile. Fuse or level up characters first? Does it really matter?

Announcements Flairs are now available. Have a good time! You can also unlock content for the mobile version by completing challenges on the console version. Some of the rewards include character skins, koins, Kombat Kard items, and more. These unlocks can only be obtained through cross-platform unlocking.


Below is a complete list of all cross-platform unlockables. The console to mobile unlock requirements have been removed from the mobile game with the 1.

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The XP support cards and exclusive cards can only be obtained through the daily login rewards moving forward. The only source of Talent Points is the new Shao Kahn tower which awards you Talent Points after completing all battles which are of steadily increasing difficulty. Once the tower has been completed once, the tower can be repeated but no talent points are rewarded for subsequent attempts.

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Each category has skills spread across 7 tiers with each tier except the last one having 3 skills each. The last tier has 2 skills. The first tier is unlocked by default. Each skill costs 1 Talent Point to unlock and 5 Talent Points to master.

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  • To unlock subsequent tiers, you need to spend 5 Talent Points to unlock the next tier while having any one skill unlocked in the current tier. A guide on the Talent Tree suggesting the best skills to invest in is available at the following link.. The details of all Relic Hunt battles are available in this spreadsheet Each card when newly obtained starts at XP level 1.

    XP is earned by playing Battle Mode or Faction Wars and this is used to level up a card to make it stronger in battle. The higher the XP level, the better the character's stats and the highest XP level a card can reach is XP level 60 if fusion lvl X, 50 or not.