Best free jailbreak apps iphone 3g

This should be one of your first stops to make your phone look exactly how you want it. Here's the app that'll help you do it. Warning, if your carrier realizes what's happening, they're gonna be pissed.

The Best Jailbreak Apps For The iPhone 4S [Jailbreak]

Free A keyboard extender that adds the number buttons to the top of your iOS devices keyboard. A real time saver especially if you need to input alpha-numeric information on a regular basis. Now you can do FaceTime anywhere.

iPhone 3GS iOS 6 Finding Old Compatible Apps in 2017

I've been getting a ton of SMS spam lately and this is a lifesaver. You can peruse the weather, time, calendar events, and more, all without diving into your phone. And there are enough themes and plugins available for Lockinfo that the sky's the limit. That's just one of the tweaks you can make to your device with this Springboard settings app. It's Expose for your iPhone and iPad. Want icons only in the four corners of a home screen?

You're crazy. I love it. Use Gridlock.

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Not quite sure how to actually jailbreak your device? Lifehacker has a great series of how-tos that cover every device and iOS version. Proceed with caution! This neat tweak creates shortcuts for your 3rd party applications right where you need them via SSH access.

Useful, and free. The alternative SMS app that doesn't need introductions. BiteSMS is a full-featured alternative to Messages. You should go download this right now. I don't use Voice Control, and with this I managed to assign the shortcut to multifl0w.

The best of jailbreak: 10 apps worth hacking your iPhone for

A tweak for Mobile Safari that allows you to always open the browser in tab mode useful if you usually have a lot of pages open and you have to pick up the one you want on each launch , choose the new tab mode behavior and enable a button to close all tabs except the selected one. Five icons in the Dock, pretty simple. If I may suggest, don't put apps that'll have badges Mail, for example in the dock.

Annoyed by Apple's decision to show a folder when closing an app you just launched from there? Wouldn't it be great to open a folder, launch an app, close it and just go back to the homescreen. There you have it. Free in Cydia.

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A full-featured and great looking file manager for iPhone and iPad. Constantly updated to support the latest version of iOS and powered by a great icon, iFile lets you navigate through the iPhone file system like the Finder does on OS X. You can create and delete folders, copy and cut files, play songs and videos with the built-in media player, basically do anything you want. You can also fire up the WebDAV server and upload files to your desktop computer. If there's an app that shows why you should jailbreak, that's most certainly iFile. With this app you'll be allowed to put more than 12 apps in a folder.

You can also enable vertical scrolling, activate pagination and choose the scrollbar style. Must-have if you put a lot of apps in many folders on your device. Our previous coverage here. Through a custom activation method that can override Apple's task switcher you get beautiful thumbnail previews of the apps you have running.

It's fast and lightweight. A free Youtube downloader, quite possibly the best one I've ever seen on the iPhone. Highly recommended. To truly understand how awesome Netatalk is, check out this tutorial we posted a few months back. Annoyed by folder icons having badges for all the apps inside them?

With this tweak, folders won't have any badge.

The best jailbreak apps in Cydia

Simple and great. What notifications on iOS should have been. Notified Pro is one of the apps I suggest to every new iPhone user interested in jailbreaking, and to know more about the app make sure to read my in-depth review I posted a while go.

Still a must-have app. The father of all tweaks and apps on the iPhone. SBSettings is the best way to easily perform any kind of action on your iPhone: With support for themes and addons toggles , SBSettings is the first app you should install from Cydia together with Activator. A huge time saver. Activate a flashlight with a simple Activator-based gesture.