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Unlocked phones can use any SIM card, so they are very suited to going overseas. For more info about using the while overseas, click here to see our special tutorial on the subject. Money-Saving Tip: A little-publicised feature of Nokia Maps is that although the on-phone route navigation is a premium service, you can use Nokia Maps on-computer route planning feature for free, and print the route out to refer to it on your journey.

This can be done through Nokia's Ovi Maps website. If you have an on-phone route-planning subscription, you can also move these routes onto your phone through a synchronisation service, also through the Ovi Maps site. Nokia Maps has lots of features which allow you to do all kinds of stuff with your location. We're going to explain how to use these features one at a time. All these features are free to use, unless the text says otherwise.

From the main standby screen, press the white menu button. Select "Maps". If this is the first time it has been run, you may be asked whether the application can access the internet. If you're using the mobile phone network to access the internet, make sure you know how much it costs if necessary contact your phone network operator.

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If you don't want to let Nokia Maps access the internet, you can pre-load your required map data onto your phone from your computer using Nokia Map Loader. By default Nokia maps shows the 2D map view, but you can also view satellite photos, and a 3D map too. If you're using the phone network to download data, note that the satellite photo and hybrid modes download a lot more data than the plain maps. To see the other views in Nokia Maps, select "Options" and then whatever view you want to use. After the phone's GPS receiver has locked onto a satellite signal, the map should automatically show your current position with a bright red dot in the centre of the screen.

However, if the map has moved away from the dot for some reason for example if you've clicked elsewhere on the map , you can get back to the red dot by going to "Options" and then "My Position". After you've selected "My Position", the map should stay locked onto the red dot so you can watch your progress if you're moving. To find the co-ordinates and street address of your current position: Make sure the phone is locked onto a satellite signal the indicator in the bottom right corner will contain at some green bars when it is locked on.

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Make sure the bright red dot is in the centre of the screen. If it isn't, select "Options" and then "My Position". Click on the parallel lines icon in the top right corner of the screen, and select "Show Details". If there is no street nearby, the map will use the general area's name and post code.

Google Maps on the Nokia 5800

If the red dot is bright red and the phone is locked on to the satellite signal with green bars in the indicator in the bottom right corner of the screen , the dot shows your exact current location. If the red dot is bright red but the phone isn't locked onto the satellite signal there are no green bars , the dot shows your estimated location based on the location of nearest mobile phone mast. One very very useful feature of Nokia Maps is the ability to send other people the address of your current location, telling them exactly where you are.

This works through SMS text messages or e-mail, so the other people don't need any kind of GPS equipment in order to receive these messages. You can also use this method for sending people the addresses of other locations. Just select the location you want on the map and use the "Send" option as explained below. Here's how to do it: Make sure the phone is locked onto a satellite signal the indicator in the bottom right corner should contain some green bars.

If you're sending your own location, make sure the bright red dot is in the exact centre of the screen. Click on the parallel lines icon in the top right corner of the screen, and select "Send". Note that you need to have your e-mail account set up on the phone's messaging application for the e-mail option to work. A warning will appear telling you that some of the message content may not be understood by the other person's phone. Do not worry! All that this means is that the message will include data for use with Nokia Maps if the other person has it on their phone, but if they don't have Nokia Maps they will still see the postal address.

Add a recipient for the message in the "To" field, optionally add something to the body of the message if you want to explain what the address means, and then click on the envelope icon to send the message. Just like bookmarks in web browsers, Nokia Maps has a system for saving favourite locations to a list called "My Places". My Places is very useful because it lets you instantly see locations on the map which you use often, for example you can add the locations of friends' houses, a favourite restaurant, your place of work etc. To add a favourite location to My Places: Select the place you want to save on the map make sure its exact location is displayed in the black address bar at the top.

Select the parallel lines icon in the top right corner, next to the location's address. Select "Add To My Places". To select a location in My Places: Select "Options". Select "Favourites". Select "My Places". Note that favourite places are displayed with a special star icon on the map, so you can distinguish them from general points of interest. See the diagram near the beginning of this tutorial for an example. You can look up the locations of most addresses on the planet using the Nokia Maps database, and look at them on the map or through satellite photos.

Select "Search". Select "Addresses". After you've finished filling in the form, select "Options", then "Search". All the matches in the database will be shown in a list. Click on a match and then "Show On Map" to see it displayed on the map. To do something with the location when it's shown on the map for example save it to "My Places", plan a route to it, or send it to someone , select the parallel lines icon in the top right corner of the screen. The Nokia Maps database includes a worldwide directory of services and points of interest such as hospitals, shops, fuel stations, restaurants etc.

It's basically like a sort of global Yellow Pages. You can search for places near your current location, or near any other location in the world. Here's how to find a particular kind of service near a particular place: On the map, go to the place where the service should be near. For example, if you want the service to be near your current location, select "Options" and "My Position".

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If you want the service to be near somewhere else, select that other place on the map. Select "Places". Select a main category e. Select "Search All" if you want to display everything nearby in that category, or select a sub-category if you want to be more selective e. A list of results will be displayed in order of their distance from the place currently selected on the map.

To show a result on the map, select it and then "Show On Map". To find out more about a particular service location, select the result and then select "Show Details". T o contact a particular service location, select the result and then "Contact". To save a location to your favourites list, use the "Add To My Places" option.

There may also be gaps in the database where nearby services aren't listed. Bear this in mind when using the search function. Some locations simply aren't listed in the Nokia Maps database, so you can't find them by searching. However, you can still use these locations in Nokia Maps if you can find them manually.

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  • How to use the GPS satellite navigation and Nokia Maps on the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.

One way to find an unlisted location on the map is to find a listed location nearby, then move the map about until you find the place you want. It often helps to switch to satellite mode, so you can see what's physically there and then zoom out so you can see what's nearby. For example, the United States' super-secret Area 51 air base in Nevada isn't officially listed in Nokia Maps, for obvious reasons, but it's fairly easy to find its location and photos of the base using Nokia Maps. Here's how: A quick look on Wikipedia tells us that Area 51 is on a dry lake bed near the villages of Rachel and Alamo in Nevada.

An address search on Nokia Maps shows that Rachel Nevada isn't listed, but Alamo Nevada is, so select Alamo to be displayed on the map. Switch to satellite mode, zoom out a bit and start examining the dry lakes near Alamo for signs of a base. Hey presto, there it is. You can then select the base and zoom in to see more detail. The parallel lines icon tells you its exact map co-ordinates, and you can zoom in to see more detail.

If you want to view the currently selected location later select the parallel lines icon and choose "Add To My Places".

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  4. The automatically keeps a list of search results which you have recently used. Here's how to view this history list: Select "History". When you're zoomed in on a particular area, the map can display icons for nearby services. You can click on one of these icons and then select the parallel lines icon in the top right corner of the screen to find out more about the service location. By default only certain types of services have icons displayed on the map.

    You can change the settings for which map icons get displayed by doing the following: Select "Tools". Select "Settings". Select "Map". Google Maps is now loaded with features to help you connect with people around you. Its Latitude service allows you to track the position of your friends anywhere on the planet and vice versa. You simply need to create a Google profile then load your contacts. Google Maps for mobile then displays their locations on the map, making it easier to hook up or avoid them!

    New for version 4 of Google Maps is support for Buzz. This location-aware service allows you to spread the word to people around you about what you're doing or about what you think of a certain place. Simply tap on a location and you have the option to type something about that place. Enable the Buzz layer from the options menu and you'll be able to see what people around you are saying.

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    Google Maps for mobile is one of those essential applications that significantly enhances the usefulness of your phone. We check a friend Place! We find easily to it. Wine Drink More. Google Maps has been transforming the way I, for one, find my way round strange cities or locate great bars and View full description.

    CONS Local information not available everywhere. Softonic review If you don't know what Google Maps is by now then you've either been on a different planet or you've been getting very lost on this one. Nokia Ovi Maps Your personal navigation system. Ovi Maps City and country maps. Nokia Ovi Maps Your personal navigation assistant. Download Google Maps S60 5th 4.