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Your email address You'll only be contacted by us. Your postcode So we can check broadband in your area. Complete set of total incompetent disorganised unprofessional idiots If I were richard branson I would be cringing to be associated with this outfit. Customer services is beyond a joke. I bought a sim only deal off them then cancelled it before it even arrived and took out a contract phone with them.

Virgin Mobile Broadband Reviews

There is no way you can cancel they just repeat same questions off there prompt screen to you!!! Satisfaction 1 star Customer Service 1 star Speed 4 stars Reliability 4 stars. Phil Egley. He tried to sell me a contract but I refused and again told him I only wanted to try the coverage and data speed.

So I waited and waited, rebooted the phone a few times and waited some more…no change. I then tried to go online using the phone and guess what? No internet, no email, no mobile data at all! One of the SMS messages was about setting up the voicemail, so I decided to do that to give the SIM another few minutes to activate everything. Anyway, after about 20 minutes of going trying to get online and going nowhere I called their customer services who told me that I needed to text "ALL" to to activate the mobile data as there was no access point configuration on the phone which I had already figured out.

Now the guy in the shop never mentioned this and in the entire pack containing the SIM there is absolutely NO mention of this hugely important bit! So who knows how many other people are coming up against this! Furthermore, the woman on the overseas call centre Rose told me my SIM plan had been changed to Starter or Standard or something similar, and as such I would only get 1GB data instead of the 2GB I had paid for, and also that she couldn't change it back - I'd have to go back to the shop where I bought the SIM to do that!!!

So I went back to the shop today Wednesday and was put on the phone to their overseas call centre as the shop couldn't do anything, despite what I had been told by the call centre. After speaking to the woman in the call centre for 25 minutes she said that my PAYG plan had been changed, she didn't know why, and that the only way to get my original plan back was to wait until 3 September when the current plan would expire, and then top-up! What a joke! I'm not doing that. After the call I spoke to the guy who had sold me the SIM and mentioned to him about having to send a text message to activate mobile data and that there was nothing whatsoever in the SIM pack about this, and he simply said that some packs mention it, some don't!!

Despite me sending the text to activate the mobile data, it simply did not work - I had to go onto the internet on my pc and search for the Virgin Mobile UK APN settings and enter them manually. Now, I don't know why I bothered as my download speed is 3. I think not!! Do yourself a favour and avoid this disaster called Virgin Mobile. Satisfaction 1 star Customer Service 1 star Speed 1 star Reliability 1 star.

I have two mobile phone contract but what they did not tell us you pay for your monthly bill contract and you have to pay another bill on top just for the phone so you think you have a good deal but in fact it is twice the price and now they keep cutting both phones of and saying not direct debit set up but it has been set up this company is a joke and would never recommend virgin mobile total RIP off. Julie Robinson. Terrible, breaks a couple times every hour,and when it works the speeds are painfully slow.

Gregory Jones. Just started off on their service due to the tenants who lived in this place last year using it too. Before this it always used to cut off regularly and drop, with very low house coverage and irregular speeds. Then we had no internet for three days due to some weird issue. Now its back to the lacklustre quality we originally had. Satisfaction 1 star Customer Service 2 stars Speed 1 star Reliability 1 star. Beyond awful.

The absolute worst customer service for any utility I have experienced. Never touch these people - you will regret it if you do. Incompetent in everything they do. Nearly 2 hours of a call to query a bill that they messed up they have basically taken several hundred pounds from us , to be passed from pillar to post with no information being transferred from one agent to the next, and then they hung up. I will never buy any service again from Virgin. Any part of it. Matt Lavis. With out a doubt the worse broadband provider I have ever come across since broadband started. So why am I getting mbps on the pc laptop the issue is that they only support ivp4 not ivp6 which can cause problems for macs if router is rubbish.

Anyway the desision was made to move the router from down stairs to upstairs so my main mac computer could be hard wired as when it was I got speed of mbps they said this would be free so they moved it. Suddenly I get mbps hard wired they send out engineer after hours of calls, his answer is it's a utilization issue coz system needs upgrading so will have to put up with it until September while work is done we are currently in April but it was working fine hard wired before it was moved?????

No one seemed to understand this point how could moving it from 1 place to another suddenly create a utilization problem????? These people are really thick they just blurt out the same excuses for ever issue like robots. Two weeks service call every other day three engineer visits 10nhour on the phone think these guys just employed me bunch of jokers. Told my wife that i have a gift for her. Now i look like a mug. Satisfaction 1 star Customer Service 1 star. Nothing to do with broadband but mobile phone which my daughter owns. Poor telephone customer service. No answers to my phone and data usage query, only sales replies.

I would not recommend using VirginMedia if you are traveling to the UK. I have just spent a frustrating hour on their website trying to give them money to topoff my VirginMedia phone while in the US before returning to the UK. It is impossible you have to have a credit card tied to a British address. The online chat has no agents to ask. It was going to be easy money for them if they had designed the website better. Satisfaction 1 star Customer Service 1 star Speed 2 stars Reliability 2 stars. This is the extreme short version of the story.

I'm glad I do not have a contract with them.

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VM customer service is the deal breaker. In the craziness that ensued at home , we forgot the PIN number of the account. I sent an email asking for the PIN number multiple times, but just could not get it from customer service! Their response was to ask me for the tel. Finally, in disgust, I was forced to transfer the number to another carrier! Now, Virgin Mobile is refusing to refund my money because I cancelled the account!

However, I had been requesting for the refund over a period of 2 weeks before I was forced to cancel due to their incompetence! I purchased a phone on December 27, When it arrived, it never turned on so I returned it without a return authorization number my mistake. I got an e-mail from UPS that it was delivered at Virgin Mobile on January 18, , so there is no doubt that they have it. I am sure they should be smart enough to receive a return order and know who sent it back and have some record of it, even without the return number.

I had called prior to sending it back but did not know an authorization number was required. Anyway, I have called customer service many times and they refuse to help me. I am transferred from one department to another for about 7 times and then they just hang up on me. I simply want my money back and to never have to deal with this company again. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.

I paid my Virgin Mobile bill around the 1st of February On the 7th of February, my voicemail stopped working. So when a person called in, it would ring and then drop the call with a busy signal. I called VM over 8 times in 24 hours and they would put me on hold for periods of 20 minutes or more and then come up with some ridiculous comment like they are resetting my voicemail, have corrected the problem, etc. They never fixed the problem. I called and demanded a supervisor to speak with and they told me that they would return my call in hours!

Of course, no one returned my call. I emailed them and told them I wanted my money refunded; they refused. This is a common game that VM plays. There are numerous accounts of complaints online where consumers pay their bill and then all of sudden their phone either no longer works or there is a problem with the service.

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Virgin Mobile owes me money for charging me for service they never provided or fixed. We need another class action lawsuit. My phone got shut off with no warning.

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After I talked to what seems like customer service representatives, supervisors, and managers, I was put on hold for so long that my battery ended up dying every time. I have been a customer well over 6 years.

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  7. I bought the new HTC Evo 4 and had nothing but issues with it. Since my phone was brand new, they agreed to replace it I have the original e-mail where I wrote that I would gladly return the old phone if they replaced it. I was not, even once, told that I had to return it; but I chose to due to the fact that I have no use for a phone that does not work. I received my new phone and put the old phone in an envelope that I received with my replacement phone, and I dropped it in the mailbox in front of my local post office after that, I had no control as to where it went.

    Being the ignorant and sneaky company that they are, they asked for my pin number. I waited until I topped-up and then I cut off my service. I had no warning of service interruption. After talking to a supervisor, she assured me that my service was in no danger of interruption. Lies, all lies. I have 40 staples in my back and was broke down in the middle of nowhere.

    I had to walk almost 2 miles in the frigid snowy weather. I fell and ended up back in the hospital. I sat on the phone with your company for over 8 hours 6 of which I was on hold only to be told, once again, that it will be taken care of and my service will be restored. I returned the phone. I have no use for a phone that does not work. Your company has the worst customer service and they totally ripped me off.

    I spent a fortune on my HTC Evo 4. My top-ups and I still have money on my account. They even blocked me from logging into my VM account online. This is so unfair. I am a disabled woman on a fixed income. Oh, did I mention that the supervisor I spoke to the other night told me that they had the phone. It must have just been the timing that they shut off my service before they realized they had the phone and said my service will be returned immediately. She told me to please hang on and she will fix it. Sixty-four minutes later, my battery dies, with no resolution.

    I called yesterday and today and the ignorant woman I talked to told me I have to pay for the other phone. Why did they wait until February to do this? This is so unfair, and this is no way to run a business or treat a loyal customer of over 6 years. If I would have known my service would be interrupted by no fault of my own, I would have never left my home without a phone in case of an emergency.

    Just my luck, I broke down not knowing my service was interrupted. I was stuck in the middle of nowhere with no phone service. I had to walk almost 2 miles in the frigid snow with 40 staples in my back which landed me in the emergency department! The consequences: I still have no service on my phone that was pre-paid and up-to-date!

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    4. A couple of months ago, I had to reset my MiFi device and reconfigure it. Since then I can log into my online Broadband2Go account, but the webpage shows the wrong plans, wrong device, and offers no way for me to get 30 days service on demand that I used to easily buy online. One customer service agent said the website was undergoing changes - that was months ago. Not one customer service agent via telephone or online chat has been able to answer my question. The topper was just now when the agent could not locate my account. I recently had to change my phone when my old phone had a problem.

      I got a new Virgin phone. When I registered the new phone, Virgin informed me that I had to change to a high cost plan. I did not like that but I agreed to the higher monthly fee. Virgin refused to give me any credit for the unused portion of my old plan.

      Virgin Mobile Reviews

      I believe this is very unfair and is actually a rip off of my money. We have been with Virgin Mobile for the past few years. Our plan allowed us to do a yearly top-up. We have had considerable difficulty with this method of payment. In an attempt to clarify this matter, we have had to deal with customer service personnel. We found them to be rude and condescending.

      After numerous conversations and emails last year, it was our understanding that we were required to pay our top-up on January 30th. When we went to do so this year, we were told that we were one day too late and had lost our entire balance, which was over one hundred dollars. We had been confused last year with the payment schedule but felt confident that we were paying on time this year. The bottom line is that regardless of whether the payment should have been made a day earlier, there is something inherently wrong when Virgin can keep over a hundred dollars of our money based on contracts of this nature.

      We don't understand why the CRTC does not step in to address this issue. Our best advice would be to avoid Virgin at all costs. This is about the unlimited texting feature of Virgin Mobile. They will tell you that they are texting subscriptions which you took part except that it may be wrong in my case. I've been having problems with my Broadband2Go for the last 45 days. I had to call them every week to get it reset.

      Have we helped today?

      Then the problem started happening 3 times a day. Plus the last time I called, they billed my credit card for a month's payment again. I opened a call to get my memory back, but that will take 10 to 13 days. I've been a good customer for 3 years and they treat you like dirt. Bad, bad, bad customer service. I bought a phone in September. On November 3, it did not work anymore. It has been 3 months without receiving the loaner phone and for that, obviously, not having service because their customer service haven't been able to get my address correctly, despite repeating it 8 times.

      I have been receiving emails from their disrespectful email team; emails with lots of love, ignoring my problem, saying that I have to pay no matter I haven't have phone because of their mistakes. This is unacceptable, totally against what Brandson professes. They want to obligate me to pay for a service I haven't had! I spent at least 10 hours on the phone, lost days of work because I couldn't be contacted and had to buy a new phone and get a new plan.

      And I have to pay? Virgin Mobile has a horrible customer service, but I can look past that since I don't really need to contact them. But now, it has been a little bit over 2 weeks since I have been having signal problems in this area where before I didn't have those problems. I have contacted them through email of course; I can't call them if I have no signal. Until now, I haven't heard from them. There has been no improvement with the signal.

      Virgin Mobile Broadband Reviews

      Once in a while, my phone picks up a distant tower which caused my phone to drain the battery. When it comes to getting money, they'll make sure you know a week ahead of time; they'll send you all kinds of notices. But when it comes to fixing their service, they don't care. I bought an i4 for my daughter for Christmas. I was told that the phone would be here before the 25th; it got here on the 26th.

      My daughter wanted the i4s so I called and made arrangements to return the phone. I called 5 days later looking for my refund and was told that they had received the phone, but my refund would take 5 to 10 days due to the holidays. I called 10 days later and was told they had no record of my return.

      They asked me for my tracking number which I could not provide, because my mother threw it out. I asked if they would send me a new phone because the phone was lost. I was told that if my money was not refunded by Monday, to call and my money would be returned that day or I would receive a new phone.

      I called on Wed. Customer service is a joke and I will be surprised if they are in business much longer. I ordered a phone online. VM overnights it via FedEx but they failed to request a signature. FedEx delivery slips reported, "Delivered, left on steps". The steps were not my residence. VM insisted I have the phone and refused to issue refund or re-ship phone 5 days later. Three representatives lied to me, telling me that they opened an investigation but that never happened.

      One alleged supervisor who I got in tech support handled my last call, claiming he submitted request to re-ship but confirmed that investigation must take place, yet not one out of 4 people ever initiated this "investigation". The two most disturbing responses were: I knew FedEx will pay them being as they were at fault. Hopefully, my bank claim goes through. This was a huge dent in my funds. Never ever again! They knew I never called in to activate, yet they believe I have it just sitting around.

      Insane they are! I started using Virgin Mobile as my cell phone carrier. I had nothing but problems with the service - dropped calls, break up calls, etc. I kept telling them that unless service was improved, I would change carriers and it didn't improve. I get two different answers because I canceled my service and because I ended service on January 4, and since it wasn't active now, they could not do a refund. I did not receive good service and they kept my advance monthly payment.

      First off, I'm mentally disabled but not stupid. My monthly income is low so I decided to try Virgin Mobile prepaid service. I was on the unlimited plan and every time I tried to access the web, I had no internet service. Every time this happened, I called customer service and recorded each and every call in entirety. I kept telling them I thought I had gotten a defective phone and wanted a replacement phone. Every time they insisted this was not the case and that it wouldn't be necessary. They always said the 3G service in my area was out and just needed resetting.

      This went on for a whole year. Sometimes I would have to call 4 to 5 times a day. It was always the same response. Finally exactly one day after my warranty expired, my phone took a complete dump. I couldn't call text and no internet. Finally after two weeks of arguing with Virgin Mobile, they agreed to send me a replacement phone. I had, after all, a year earlier insisted my new phone was defective and they insisted it wasn't and refused to exchange it.

      Anyway they finally agreed to send a replacement, told me to enjoy my new phone, I was a valued customer, blah, blah and that was all that was said. I received my replacement phone and it worked great. Three weeks later, my next month's service was due so I topped up for unlimited as usual. I tried to make a call and heard a system standard message telling me to contact customer service. I contacted them and they advised me I hadn't sent them the old phone so they were suspending my service and taking the money I just topped up with to pay toward the price of the replacement phone.

      I was outraged. As I stated earlier, I always recorded every call and never did they state that I needed to return the old phone. It was junk and wound up in the city landfill where it belonged. I will point out again, in the beginning with the original phone, I immediately stated to them on several occasions I thought it was defective and desired a replacement; they refused. Also I find it very very fishy that it finally took a dump for good exactly one day after the warranty expired. This final crash caused me to miss two appointments with my doctor because his office had no way of reaching me and caused me to do without my medication for two weeks.

      I will end for now by simply stating that Virgin Mobile is obviously a very crooked outlaw renegade outfit and I strongly advise everyone to steer clear of them. After reading some of the other horror stories, I find it hard to believe they have managed to avoid a class action lawsuit. Their lobbyists are obviously greasing the right palms. I called the company to see if they would refund the difference. I was told in the short version to send the phone back, and I had to pay the shipping which they did not refund.

      Here all I was looking for the price difference. I was told to reorder and believe it or not, I would have to pay for the shipping. I was angry and did not reorder. Now , I saw on the site that the phone was in stock. After talking to the first person on the 6th of , the person clicked me off to the main menu on the phone; I guess she could not help. I called back another person but could not get any help, but I did get a supervisor after explaining to customer service.

      The supervisor could not help me; I was sent to another person. By this point, they should ship it free. The only thing the last person could do was file a complaint. What do you think would come out of this at this point? Virgin Mobile customer service is the worst I ever came across in a large company. Buyers beware from my point of view. I would like to warn everybody in search of a low pre-paid plan through Virgin Mobile. In less than 2 weeks, they have ruined their reputation; and from what everybody else is posting, it is apparent that their claims are true. I found out that the number according to their advertisement did not add up.

      I proceeded to call Virgin's Call Center and got one nice individual but noticed I was locked out of my account. But while speaking to her, there was a pending 2nd debit from my checking account and was assured that I was not going to be debited due to me alerting them of the mistake. Then, on the 3rd attempt, I spoke again with the Call Center to set up a refund after being told no debit was taking place. I demanded a refund when speaking with the Call Center for a 4th time, day 2, and I was told they could not give a refund if it was going to be a partial refund.

      That meant they got to keep what was left even if I used only 5 cents worth. Most of the time, the Call Center seemed to help but as long as they got me off the phone. Tell everybody you know and their kids, who often buy Virgin Mobile to avoid this lame company at all costs! I called their toll-free phone number to place an order for a cell phone battery. The call was completed. I was given a confirmation number and was told the battery would be delivered 3 days from the original call.

      It was not. I called again. I was told the first order could not be found. I placed the order again. I went through this routine four times. By the last call I made, I was so angry it took everything I had not to reach through the phone and choke someone. In all, I received 4 confirmation numbers. I hope the last confirmation number is the real one, which will deliver my cellphone battery. As an aside, everyone I spoke with had such thick accents it was extremely difficult to understand them.