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Blackberry Storm 9530 Troubleshooting

To remove the battery to check the water damage strip refer to the Blackberry Storm Battery Replacement guide for details. When doing so be sure to keep the phone and alcohol in a closed container to prevent evaporation of the alcohol. Once you have done that, put your phone in a bag of uncooked rice for a few hours.

The rice will absorb all the moisture and hopefully dry out your phone.

Nuke tool needed asap

This preferably should be done to your phone before attempting to power your phone on after being exposed to water. If your phone is not fixed then your phone should be taken to a local store for evaluation. The device is on; however the audio is not properly functioning resulting in any sound coming through the speaker. The volume of your device may be too low to hear or muted. Using the two volume buttons located on the right hand of the device, press the buttons as necessary to obtain the desired volume.

Your phone may already have your preferred volume level set but the device is muted. Using either the settings on your phones interface or the volume buttons on the right hand side of your device, turn off the mute setting and adjust the volume as necessary. Try calling another party to see if your audio is working properly.

If your phone is working properly then the device of the original party you were trying to reach is not working properly. Try changing location to help with phone reception as this may improve audio. Your devices speaker is not working properly or at all. Attempt a phone reboot and if that does not work refer to the following troubleshooting items listed below. Your phone speaker may need to be replaced.

This can be done by following the Blackberry Storm Back Speaker Replacement guide or the Blackberry Storm Ear Speaker Replacement guide depending on which speaker you are having issues with. The antenna of your phone may not be working properly. This can result in poor phone reception with other parties.

First try relocating to an area that has better reception. If your device still is unable to make a quality connection or any connection at all your antenna may need to be replaced. Refer to your carrier or the Blackberry manufacturer for information about antenna replacement. You may not be receiving proper audio because the party you are trying to connect with may be unable to hear you.

By being unable to hear you, the party that you are trying to connect to may not be responding. Be sure to clearly speak into your phone microphone when talking with other parties. If the party you are trying to reach is still unable to hear you, the microphone may be damaged or broken. To replace your phones microphone you will either need to take your phone to your nearby cellular provider's store or call your manufacturer for details.

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Blackberry Storm 9530 & 9500 LCD Screen Repair Take Apart Guide

Blackberry Storm Troubleshooting Contents. Blackberry Storm will not turn on. Drained Battery. Dead Battery. Blackberry's Buttons are Broken. Phone is Off. Sticky Buttons. Dirty Buttons. Overuse of Buttons.

Blackberry black screen of DEATH help?

Buttons staying in the up or down position. Malfunctioning Button. Blackberry Storm will not charge. Wrong Charger. Broken Charger. Bad Outlet. Touch Screen is Unresponsive. Restart your Blackberry Storm. Faulty Touch Screen. Your Blackberry has a defective camera. Camera Application.

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Scratched Lens. Distorted Images. Screen is Black. Phone May Be Off. You can try a google to see suggested repairs some of which have worked however these cover a wide field of efforts. Here is another fix http: Do you have a Vista Disk? You can try System Restore from it. If you do not have the disks your system maker will sell them cheap.

Or try from Safe Mode if you can get there. How to Do a System Restore in Vista http: You can create a Recovery Disk or use someone else same version to do the System Restore it only has to be bootable. How to Create a Vista Recovery Disc http: How to do a Startup Repair http: Vista Black Screen - check this one 1st http: Vista Black Screen Solution http: Vista Black Screen Fix http: You can try an In-Place Upgrade hopefully saves programs and data or a repair installation hopefully saves data and will have to reinstall programs. Be sure to do a good backup or three. In-Place Upgrade http: If nothing works you can do a repair installation which should save data however you will have to reinstall programs.

Could it be the OS cos it has been due for update since last year as I have never dropped the phone ever since I started using it. Try updating the OS and another battery first off. When i insert the ba3, the red led shows as usual, it seems like it boots but no bb logo or anything. Its bold 5. I run the latest autoloader from Crackberry, the LED turns green, the process completes and the same problem starts repeating itself again.

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The battery has been charging. When I disconnect it, the process I described above keeps on repeating. When I connect the battery and try to charge the phone, the orange LED blinks slowly and steadily. That is why none of these programs are able to detect the phone. I am using a Blackberry Z30 v When I try to open settings from home screen and when swiping down from the top, the screen is just black.

I tried to reboot by pressing the power button only and also together with the both the volume buttons but still nothing. Hi olympe, is your blackberry q10 fixed now? Please, create a new thread at our forum and our forums reps will provide free step by step assistance see https: Hi, I have a BB i and is now not doing good. The red light was on, now a black screen. I tried everything to get it started up.

Anything would be great. Thanks, Don. Hi, i have a Blackbarrey leap and is now not doing good. The red light was blink on top, now a black screen. Search for: Hovatek Journal. Blackberry Tutorials June 11, Related tags: Blackberry Tutorials. You might also like Blackberry Tutorials.

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New Blackberries tend to have one thing in common ; they appear to run fast and smooth. With use; however, most tend to get slower, lag, hang or crash repeatedly. June 11, 2.