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GT Racing: Motor Academy Review - IGN

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Love it by cheats! Press on menu to allow cheat, While on your step on gameplay press to popup a cheat menu. GT Racing 2 Hack appear to be a substantially far more essential thought that the majority give credit for. Next time you see or feel of GT Racing 2 Hack, take into consideration what you simply read and have an understanding of what is in fact occurring. It is probable you beneath valued GT Racing 2 Hack just before, but will now start off to give the credited required and deserved. For those who skip this step, We are going to exhausting perform!

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So be sure you do it! All that you will need to do to get GT Racing 2 hack shall be to down load and set up my system GT Racing 2 hack and install it. Before any racing can be done, you have to earn a C level license in order to participate in any real game play. As such, you are tasked with a series of challenges such as breaking, turning, and so on. The game asks you to accelerate to top speed, then come to a complete stop on a small blue zone.


Guess what? Once a licensee is earned, you can finally participate in the rest of the actual game. But there are limitations on things based on level, cars owned, and what type of license you own. Such is understandable, as it creates echelons for you to reach for by racing and winning. As expected, each race played earns currency and experience that work towards this, but herein lies the next major problem: Part of the reason is that each level is mostly made up of basic curves with little to no showmanship. While what is present does look nice especially the cars , there is nothing that stands out as unique or interesting on either a visual or gameplay front.

Challenge is completely lost too due to fairly wide roads and the ability to even add automatic braking assists for making turns.

The Verdict

Races are obnoxiously long too. It might as well be a leisurely cruise through a desolate town. What makes it even worse is the sound design. Since Motor Academy is freemium, this means that the cars that supposedly have that gratifying engine purr take exorbitant amounts of time to earn without spending real money, with many only being purchasable with the premium currency.

GT Racing : Motor Academy - Hyundai Edition - for Android only

To make things even more cumbersome, many of the upper level races and challenges become nearly impossible without these premium vehicles, forcing even more grind in order to accomplish them. About the only saving grace that Motor Academy really has is vehicle variety and moderate customization. Once you earn enough money and the appropriate level there is a plethora of car styles to choose from such as Aston Martin, BMW, Jaguar, and more for a total of 30 brands.


On top of this, you can even customize the look and handling of your vehicles as well as upgrade them with new parts. GT Racing Motor Academy may look good at first glance, but its design feels nothing more than a rushed attempt to turn a profit. An amalgamation of slapped together parts, it offers nothing exiting and is abhorrently repetitive with bland race tracks, obnoxious challenges, and awful sound.