Iphone will not delete email account

I just wanna cry. I have been trying to delete the same emails for almost an entire year now. Apr 14, I have had the same problem for longer than one year. It is not an issue related to all mail. It is specifically related to spam mail. You can delete, but immediately the pop up says unable to delete. It seems to act more like a permanent invitation to spammers. I have tried too many hundreds of times as my inbox fills.

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I have even deleted the old email addresses from accounts and devices. All of the mail that has this problem, for me, seems to be a Hotmail account also. Those accounts no longer exist.

iPhone: How To Delete An Email Account ( 2018 ), With The NEW IOS UPDATE 11.2.2 .

Apr 14, 4: I do not have a hotmail account and it wasn't spam. However, thanks to chatting online with an apple customer service rep, they recommended that I uninstall the mail app this thought would have never crossed my mind for some reason. They wanted me to re-install it and then re-set-up my mail accounts in Settings. Well, I did uninstall the Mail app, but then, I downloaded the AOL mail app, since that is who my carrier is now was verizon but got moved over, although still has the verizon.

After using AOL app for a week and remembering how much I hated it, I re-downloaded and installed the Mail app and everything has been working fine ever since. So, problem solved.

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Apr 15, 7: Deleted all mail and accounts. This is a safety feature that allows you to recover a deleted message if required, and only purges deleted messages from the server after a certain length of time. Your iPhone must be instructed to use the correct folders when deleting messages. Open the "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" option in the Settings app, tap the appropriate email account, then the "Advanced" button.

How to delete email on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

The Mail app now sends deleted messages to the correct folder on the server. POP email messages are only stored on your iPhone, so any difficulty in deleting them suggests a fault with the native Mail application, or the operating system. This returns the iPhone to a previous state from a backup file stored in iTunes.

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  6. If a systemic fault has developed, restoring the device should repair it. Follow the instructions in iTunes to set up the iPhone as a new device, should restoring from a backup not solve the problem. Spanner Spencer has been writing since for a variety of print and online publications.

    The iPhone Mail Is Not Deleting

    Focusing on entertainment, gaming and technology, his work has been published by Eurogamer. Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: In the latest versions of iOS, the account settings and removal panel appears like so:. Overall, this easily and simple process will enable deletion of your account without taking much of your time. Also, have a look at this simple account removal procedure appears to be in older versions of iOS:. Also, Normally the mail servers, keep the messages on a remote server and from there get them back to your iPhone as requested and all this is possible is the server still has those emails.

    Another possibility is that you have the freedom to re-add the account after its deletion as a shortcut to remove all the individual locally saved messages from your phone for that particular email and in case your mailbox has a humongous number of messages then you can collectively remove them even faster.

    Just be informed that even if you complete remove your account and the emails in that account it only takes off the messages locally, however, they will be still available on the mail server. At times, it happens that for whatever reasons you cannot remove your email account from your device.

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    Below we have mentioned some possible reasons and their solutions that might help you to do things the correct way. First, we would suggest you go through the process that has been given to us in this article to remove the email account on your iPhone. However, if you still facing issues with this then the possibility is that there are profiles installed on your device this is most likely if you have received this phone from your company.

    Here if they are asking for your Password to make changes in this account then you have to get in touch with your system admin. To find your account go to settings then general and then clicking on profiles you can easily remove your mail account.

    Remove an email address and all messages or just disable an account

    Please note that to check whether any profiles have been installed on your device that you need to delete you can check it under the settings. Moving on, try to reset your device by holding the home button and power button at the same time until the time a logo appears on the screen.

    IMAP Email Deletion

    Your phone will now restart thereafter delete your account and in case the profile is not shown then you might have to restore the device or get in touch with IT department of your organization. While performing this, if even resetting the device is not doing the needful for you then it might be that your mail settings do not permit to do so due to enabled restrictions. To disable them simply click settings then general, restrictions and allow changes. Please note if the restrictions are already disabled then you need not do anything.

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    5. Here we have covered the most probable reasons that are creating issues with Deleting your email account.